Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Why blog?

Why do people blog? I was wondering since some time ago.
I read random blogs everyday and find myself so interested in the idea, and excited to read from others.Then I decided to blog, f I asked myself, "why shall I blog?"

I thought about two points here:
1- I write about myself for myself, I need to express my thought, my feelings, my opinion in the form of words.. it relieves!In this case, why don't I write them offline, save and keep them on my own machine?
2- I want to share my day events, my thoughts, my feelings with others, I wanna them to be read, for the sake of sharing.In this case, mmmm, not everything will be said, not everything will be expressed indeed, so what?

I am confused .. really confused about it .. But I want to blog, that is what I know now.Sometimes, I need to narrate events or situations and I find no one at that moment to tell, or when I find, I skip some details which are important to me, but I guess the listener wouldn't be interested.So, here it is a way, to tell all out, to narrate all, it is my right now to say all the details, I won't bore my listener.

But now, when I am talking, whom shall I address?Me? You? and who are you?The Unknown? Can't determine, will just begin and let's see how it will go.


فلان الفلانى said...

whay blog ?
لايوجد احد من المدونين لم يسأل نفسه هذا السؤال .. خواطرك حول هذا الموضوع قيمه جدا .. لكن الاسباب تتنوع وتختلف الى ابعد الحدود .. ربما كان الشعور الحاد بالوحدة احد الاسباب .. لاادرى .. اقول ربما .. ؟

Eman M said...

It is not about feeling lonely aslan I think. I mentioned a reason, that I love writing aslan, and I love to write a lot of details that I believe I won't mention them if I am talking live to a person.


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