Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Spring festival

Yesterday, I went to the spring festival a.k.a the flower's exhibition in the Orman garden. It was planned to go with friends, and enjoy together the flowers, greenery and photography. But .. at morning, calling people w yalla ya gama3a... and it finished up that no one will be able to come.. ok ... so what I will do now? I will go! Alone? yes!
The exhibition was already extended, and today is my last chance to go, so .. nothing will stop me.

I didn't feel excited for the first 30 minutes, there are a lot of wizen flowers, and they are normal ones as well, the same I see in the public gardens. I thought I'll find different and rare flower types.By time, it appeared that the best region is in the middle of the garden, and I began to enjoy, photos photos photos .. and ops, my camera's memory card is full! howa ana le72t! Although it is 64 MB ... I realized that most of the photos I took were "Close-up", and the Close-up image size is always around 1.5 MB.I stood in a shady region and viewed all the photos on the camera's screen and kept only the very unique shots, and deleted all the rest.

Tab3an, as long as you are in Egypt, you can't take photos bera7tk, especially when you are a girl .. you got to hear comments from the people around you like: "Heya betsawar eih deh?... tab ma takhdini sora", you got to find weird looks from people walking beside you ... bas wala yehmeni! wala ka2eni sam3a aw shaifa 7aga, that is what I decided since I began to take photography seriously.
The plants were great more than the flowers generally, bas Sub7an Allah, everything is beautiful bardo.I wanted to take unique shots for the flowers, maho it is too normal to take a shot for a flower, what is new? lazm something different!After I took a shot and standing up .. oouucch, a harsh thorny twig entered my arm like a sharp pin, it was really hurting, it was aching for an hour after .. oh I still feel it .. adi akhret el tasweer..

Surprisingly, I found the people working there announcing "it is time to leave", kidding! it is still 3:30!!! ana lesa ma 3amltesh 7aga! Ignored their repetitive calls all over the garden and completed my tour .. I left by 4:30, where the garden was almost empty indeed.
After I downloaded the photos on my computer, I felt different. The presence of very nice photos raises the spirit awi keda.. I felt happy about it .. I love flowers... I doubt who don't .. ah men don't .. at least not like ladies :)


فلان الفلانى said...

هل صحيح ان الزهور مثل الستات كما قال محمد فوزى فى اغنيته المشهوره .. حاكم الزهور زى الستات لكل لون مغنى ومعنى ..؟

Eman M said...

Ya ostaz folan, ba3edan 3an kol dah, howa mesh kol ensan fena loh sha7'seya w teba3? man or woman, every one has a unique personality.


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