Thursday, April 28, 2005

Vanilla Ice cream

When I was going home last night, I was down somehow, so I passed by the supermarket to get some of the anti-depressing materials; e.g. snacks, Chipsy and Ice cream ..
I love ice cream.. no .. I adore ice-cream.. no.. I .. what is more than adore?
Vanilla ice cream, just Vanilla only.
I can eat as many scoops as anyone can imagine, but the really weird thing, is that I don't like eating it when it is frozen... mmm, nuts? ice cream=frozen, ommal how do you like it?
I like it saye7 :), yup ... when I get it, I leave it for a while, then begin to enjoy this beautiful process of tasting the vanilla.. ah yani men 7alawto.

When I was in my 10's, I always dreamt that I have at my room an ice cream fridge (like the one in the supermarket), and that I take from it anytime as much as I want, and that when I wake up every morning, I find the fridge full again.... pinky dreams :)

I love Vanilla ice cream, old, huh?
tell you something new?
I adore vanilla ice cream .. hehee :)


Anonymous said...

wow, ice cream saye7 :)) my favourite flavours are chocolate & pistachio together, to7fa ya emi gotta try it.

Eman M said...

Shofti? :)
Saye7 .. not till it is liquid ya3ni, bas lazm yekon saye7.

I imagine if I want it to yesee7 besor3a oneday, I'd put it in the oven for 1 minute .. hehe

Ahmad El-Saeed said...

7ad allek abl keda ennek ray2a moooooooooott .... ??? bass zo2ek 7elw .. 3arfa ana ba2a , ba7eb el choclate el say7a .. zay elly bete6la3 fe e3lan Cadbory keda ... we bata7'ayyal enny ana bo2y ta7t we maftoo7 zay el ahbal keda ... we el choclate nazla gowaa ... mmmmmm .. ah yana yana ,, min el chocolate yana

فلان الفلانى said...

منتهى خفة الدم .. امال رحتى فى المدونه بتاعتى وشخطتى فيا ليه .. الظاهر ماكنتيش واخده جرعة الايس كريم .. تحياتى .. مدونة لذيذة اول مره اشوفها والغلطه غلطتى طبعا .. سأداوم على الحضور

Eman M said...

Ana ma shakhtesh wala 7aga ya folan :)
I talked to you respectfuly gedan, 3ashan your words are really injustice for the woman, the same words the society keeps saying, where in fact, they are wrong. Anyway, I'll reply on your blog.


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