Wednesday, July 06, 2005

They won the case

At last and after fighting in courts for a long time, they won the case.
Three years ago, Safwat El Sherif banned the veiled ladies from showing up live on TV; he ordered them to move from the live shows to administrative jobs. His order was applied; and the ladies tried to do everything to gain their rights but no way.

The number of ladies was growing more and more, especially in Alexandria, and they all insisted on getting back their job, getting back to the camera where they proved themselves. The court was the only way unfortunately.

It is their right to work in front of the camera with their veil, what is wrong in this?!
Why did they (you know who) consider the veil something contradicting with working live?
Will the veil make her stop talking with self-confidence?
Will the veil make her not an open-minded lady?
Will the veil make her with zero personality?
“No” is the answer of all these questions.
And the proof already exists, which is the veiled ladies who work in the Arabic channels.

I am happy that the court did something “Right” and against the government. El 7a2 7a2 ba2ah!
And I am happy more about those ladies, it is not the issue about the veil specifically, but I am concerned more that they fought for their case, waited three years to gain their right back, didn’t care for threatens from the minister, didn’t care for bad looks and treatment from other managers, they stood as "Men".. I am just proud of them!

Waiting to see the first veiled lady on TV soon!

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Ahmad El-Saeed said...

el 7amdolellah ... ana etbasa6t 3ashanhom awy 3ala fekra ... Allah yesam7o safwat el sherif ba2a , 7asesny enn el mo7agabat dol ba3abe3 walla 7aga ... Rabbena yesame7 nas keter wallahy ya eman .. mish howa bass


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