Sunday, July 17, 2005

North Coast - الميا و الهوا يا هنايا فى حبهم

Just back from the North Coast, where you can forget anything you have in your mind and just enjoy the nature.

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- Before I go there, I've heard about the presence of Jellyfishes from Dallula, but I didn't see myself anyone there except this dead one, but I had the chance to talk with some boys (from 8 to 12 years) who told me there are many and they killed 5 at that morning! They showed me the bites they had on their bodies, red thick ones.

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- What was really there in huge amounts and in variable sizes is "Sea Cancer" = Sarattan El Ba7r. I spent 3 days studying their life, they spent all the morning in the sand, having their body color exactly like the sand, make holes and dig themselves under it, some time then show up as they are breathing then dig themselves again in a very rapid manner. They totally show up and go to the water starting 8-9 pm.
I have to say that I like its body shape and movement, it looks like a ballet dancer who moves with the wind, grabbed by the water and can bury itself in the sand in a moment .. montaha el rashaqa :)
It is frightening shweya bardo besara7a :)

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- The most interesting thing you can do on the beach is to watch the kids; their extreme happiness with the sea, throwing themselves in the water, screaming happily while receiving the strong waves, playing with the sand, building and destroying whatever they build, happy with these papers that fly in the sky, happy with riding bicycles. Every simple thing makes them happy .. just living their simple natural life .. lovely world.

- The most annoying thing there is the loud voice of the cassettes,especially that they don't play nice songs, just shobra w 3aliiiii w so3ad w khasemni w sale7ni w blabla.. nonsense..

- Photos from North Coast.
If you are interested in more, you can take a look on last year's photos there.

Everyday, I feel I am getting more addicted to the Internet, I felt mad sometimes because I miss my computer, I miss browsing the Internet and reading the blogs. At some moments, I wanted to be back just for this .. 7 days away from my IT world is too much ... mm .. geek :)


Anonymous said...

7amdela 3al salama ya Emi, nice photos, u 've been missed around here ya gamila

Alaa said...

now you brought me really bad news :-(

this means we will not go to the north coast this year, Manal will simply not risk swimming with jellyfish again.

MoonLightShadow said...

I've seen the jellyfish as well. They were a lot, with big sizes. Actually it's not their time.. It used to be there in August.

But you know what, we did swim in the sea, having vinegar bottle on the beach, it's used to reduce the effect of jellyfish. But thank God, we didn't come across any when we were swimming.

I enjoy watching children while they are playing as well. And I remember myself when I was a little kid.. I used to enjoy every little thing. But now, it's few things that I enjoy.

Talking about the Internet, I discovered that I'm addicted as well. I gave myself a hard time for that. I even found an Internet cafe, but I don't like them.

MoonLightShadow said...

Eman, a wonderful collection of pictures. Very nice :)

be said...

very nice pictures


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