Sunday, May 15, 2005

Heliopolis Carnival - A day to remember

I attended the carnival held on Friday in el Korba, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Heliopolis. I admit that I am impressed!
Unfortunately, I joined my friends there at 8:30 pm, where I missed most of the day events, they told me it was marvelous and I made sure of this when I saw the photos later.
It was a happy night, listening to omar khairat music, with being with friends made it a special night, plus the fireworks that amaze me awi :)

General notes:
- There were some balconies that were going to explode from the teenagers filling it, they were grabbing attention by their noise actually.
- I didn't know that the music of Omar Khayrat is that kind of dancing music unless I saw what the Shabab did ... hehe, com'on people, listen peacefully, we are not in Marina!
- I wish I'd get "Ghazal Banat", but the crowd took me away, didn't get one from some time ago, I love it.
- When I saw the photos later, I thought about the amount of money spent, felt I am confused, walahi 7aram spending that much, where in other regions so near from Heliopolis, they are living in the air, in the nothing, then .. mmm.. Tab the people needs some time to feel happy, and this day made people really happy w for free! mesh 3aref...
- It was funny finding all the people around you in the same scene:
With a mobile on the ear with a hand, and with the other hand up with a flyer, and saying the same words: "I am raising up my hand with the flyer, do you see me?", it was the only way for the people to find each other, but it was effective actually :)
- It was an event to take photos, but the crowd and the night were not of a great help, If I was there at morning, I'd took a lot, yalla in the 200th Anniversary ba2ah :)
- It is a very comfortable feeling when you are walking in the middle of the street, sure that no car will pass by, all the street is yours, freedom, yahooooooooooooo
- Although the whole place was in crowd, but I didn't feel annoyed el hamdolilah.

It was just a special night and a day to remember.


# Juwaireyah # said...

Yes ya Eman, a friend of mine was just telling me about that carnival, she was there, and she enjoyed it tremendously, I guess this is the first street parade to be held in Egypt...

ألِف said...

Eman, spending money on events such as this isn't unneeded luxury.

Celebrations like this can increase people's attachment to their neighbourhood, wherever it is, and increases their appreciation of its beauty and motivate them to preserve it and develop it, and most importantly, stand in the faces of those who don't mind tearing it down for profit.

They also increase people's understanding of public property. Most Egyptians think that the street don't belong to anybody; and that since they belong to the government (bta3 ElHokuma), they shouldn't be blamed for trashing it, or vandalising it. They don't understand that they belong to every one, instead of no one.

Celebrations like these can also teach people respect for other people's private space. That they can have fun in free public events and still respect and care for the feelings of the person next to them. And that they too can have clean, quality places to go and have fun in, almost free of charge, if they know how to take care of it.

If you've noticed, people were happy, yet uncertain that this is really happening, and cautious.

This is social expenditure. With benefits visible only collectively, and on the long run.

Ahmad El-Saeed said...

* el shabab momken ye7'alo el music el classic pop ya eman .. mafeesh mashakel ya3ny ..
* law 3ala 3'azl el banat , ana ya setty 3azmek 3ala wa7ed min nady el seed 3andeda 3'azl banat yegannen .. walla ennek tez3aly :-D

* "- It is a very comfortable feeling when you are walking in the middle of the street, sure that no car will pass by, all the street is yours, freedom, yahooooooooooooo" ... You seem you like the freedom ... it is actually nice feeling , i like it much too .. like you are walking on the " korneesh " beta3 Alexandria ... ba7es enny 3ayez a6er ma3a el noras aw ano6 fe el mayya we a3om ma3a el samak .. 7elwa el 7oreya fe3lan !!

ya rab ya setty tekony mabsota 3ala 6ool keda we eb2y eftekrena fe Carnivals tania :-)


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