Saturday, May 21, 2005

Don't open a shop unless you like to smile

I did some shopping in the weekend, and I am really impressed by how the sellers everywhere (in every shop I entered) were unhelpful and silly.
No one wants to listen to you, and always ready with the word "Mafeesh".
Even when I kept my smile and talked with them friendly, the same solid face and tough replies were all I got. Their attitude was really provoking.
What I noticed that this attitude didn't differ with the difference of the seller's place or condition, that is an example:

Scene 1:
Place: Shoes shop
- A simple man, wearing very simple clothes
- Standing all the time, coming and going all the time
- Carrying things and answering all the people
- Noise, orders and calls are all what he hear
(I wanted a shoes, but it is always "Mafeesh")

Scene 2:
Place: Cars place
- A chic guy, wearing an expensive suit
- Sitting on a leather chair and a comforty desk
- A/C is working and air is cool
- Slow music is playing in the place
(I wanted to ask about some cars' prices, but "Mafeesh" was there, and the other replies were so simple w b "eqtedab")

I can understand why the seller in scene 1 has this attitude, but why does the seller of scene 2?!
Those were just examples of the shops I entered, isn't it weird that all the other sellers I dealt with had the same attitude?

w 3ala ra2ey el Chinese Proverb: Don't open a shop unless you like to smile.


shop girl said...

hmm it's weird fe3lan, bas i guess enaha ba2et 7aga nas keteer betla7ezha these days! i went to lebanon once and when i got back my first comment was that the people working in shops are gr8 and always smiling! u can go into a shop we te2leb 3aleeh wateeh we mateshtereesh ay 7aga 7atta and still the guy or girl working there will tell u "tekram 3aynak"!
Mesh han2ool bardo en kol el ma7alat ba2et keda, bas ba2et zahera fe3lan and as u mentioned 2 completley diffrent places 7asal feehom nafs el 7ekaya!! weird akeed !

ألِف said...

I've noticed this, and I guess others have too, since years. Specially in Cairo.

I've known for a while that Egyptians in general are lousy merchants and sellers. Compared to Syrians and Lebanese we are losers.

Even in professional conduct, with companies, the seller isn't interested in serving you, nor does he care about keeping your business. Sometimes he even thinks that selling you is a favour which HE is doing to you.

Sometimes I can't resist the urge of asking the seller: "How come you're still in business!"

Part of it, again, is a misinterpreted belief that it is not the customer, but god, who is the reason for his livelihood.

Eman M said...

hmmm, I didn't experience this bad attitude until this year, I've always had nice dealing with sellers, bas mesh 3arfa fe eih!

It's really bad when you search for something, and you need their help (as no one else will do), and they don't want to help you or even hear what you want.

Abdelrahman said...

Four reasons:
1. Ignorance: Good salespersons don't necessarily smile because they're nice, but because they KNOW it's bound to increase their sales.
2. Lack of proper competition: If they know someone else will treat you more nicely, they will be forced to do so too. Alas, they seem to know their peers are just as unprofessional.
3. Underqualified staff: The average shop owner will hire low-class, uneducated personnel to take care of customers, thinking it's better for the business since he/she will have to pay them less.
4. Lazy customers: Yes, I must say this in order to be fair. If enough customers boycott shops with rude staff instead of swallowing their pride in search of a lower price (average Egyptian consumer), owners will be forced to think twice before hiring cheap staff.

Smile! You're in Egypt.


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