Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Cinema x Cinema

I've been thinking a lot of the effect of the English films on our lives, it's a great impact, powerful destructive one. Yes, it's positive sides, but the negative is much more indeed.

1- We are touched deeply by the romance presented in the films, every man is impressed by the beauty of the actress, impressed by her white skin, lovely eyes, slim body and silk hair, impressed by her being smart and easy-going, by her personality and independence, bla bla ..
Every woman is impressed by the actor, handsome, tall, loves her madly, makes anything anytime to grab her attention and her love .. always surprise her by sweet things etc ..

and here are the results:

* Man not married -> searching for this cute girl, a one who resembles the one he likes on the screen -> a girl who he'd live with a great love story -> can't find -> down -> frustration
* Man married -> comparing the "Creature" living with him, with that gorgeous lady he wishes he had -> internal self problems -> external problems.
* Woman not married -> waiting for that guy who'd die for her, who'd beg her to think about him, who'd wait under her window, who'd fill her life with love, compassion and a LOOT of pinky dreams -> no one -> waiting -> no marriage
* Woman married -> comparing bardo that "creature" living with her with that man in her dreams -> frustration -> depression -> silence.

2- The bad words that you can hear all around the films, listen now to any guy? You'll find all his talk is full of bad "english" words, even in his normal life, he uses them normally as if 3adi gedan!!
As if khalas, we finished the bad egyptian words, and we turn to the bad english words. that sucks! really sucks. I wish I can meet a guy who doesn't say a single bad word... but in my dreams bardo, because whenever they sit with each other, it is like an infectious habit..... w 3lieh el 3awad w meno el 3awad ...

My words may seem pessimistic, but they are realistic, from what I feel, hear and live in the real life. That's what we gain from the cinema, I can't say it shall stop, no of course, but what is the solution? I wish I can know.


Anonymous said...

you know what it depends on the character aslan..bas I personally love watching movies w keda...admire the the dreamy world they live in, bas I am quite sure it is a movie ya3ni can never be real..fahmani?? fa ya3ni la fantasy wala real??

Eman M said...

I am not touched by actors, I am touched by scenery and music and the relationships represented. Unfortunately, I admit that I get affected gedan by this.
You wish your fanasty dreams come true, then you tell yourself, no, enjoying your dreams in "only" your dreams is fun itself, but I got lost in this cycle ba2ah.

فلان الفلانى said...

لايوجد لدينا مايسمى بالافلام الانجليزيه مايعرض عندنا فى مصر هو الافلام الاميريكيه فقط ..وهذه الافلام تعبر عن ثقافة المجتمع الذى انتجها .. الموضوع مهم وجدير بالمناقشه ولكن فاتك ان تعطينا مثلا عن نوعية الافلام.. وان تناقشى ايضا هل الالفاظ السيئة التى تستخدم فى هذه الافلام لاتستخدم فى الواقع الحقيقى .. ثم لما\ا لانسمع رأيك فى الافلام المصريه العظيمه مثل عوكل وخالتى فرنسا واللمبى .. ان الالفاظ المستخدمه فيها اكثر سوءا من الافلام الاميريكيه التى تشاهدينها

Mohamed said...

Folan, there are in fact very good non-American movies shown in Egypt. You just have to know where to find them.

Eman, I actually think that we can't just blame all and only the American movies for that phenomenan, but I guess it does play a role bardu. Arabic video clips play a role too.

why do you want a man that doesn't curse. I agree, you'll never find one. Try to settle for someone who won't curse when you're around atleast.

فلان الفلانى said...

mohamed :
where I can find thoes non-american movies shown in egypt do you mean DVD movies or what ..?

Eman M said...

Ya folan,
افلام الاميريكيه = افلام الانجليزيه
No difference, tab3an the american is worst I know, bas I mean the idea, different culture, different environment and different community.
All films, not a specific one,
Romantic, social films -> affect men, women, teenagers
Violence films -> affect kids, teenagers

The bad words used in the arabic films you mentioned are accepted than the ones used in american films. (ya3ni aho)

"Try to settle for someone who won't curse when you're around at least.", tefteker dah el 7al?

Mohamed said...

Well Folan, there are many cultural centers that show non-american movies. Try the culture section in the Ahram Weekly newspaper, and others magazines as well advertise private showings of different movies.

Eman, so what's wrong if guys curse when they're around each other. As long as he respects you enough, not to do it when you're around, sounds good to me.

Eman M said...

Mohamed, my point of view in that is, when guys get nervous (especially while driving maslan), they always say those bad words.
At that time, he wouldn't think if I am around him or no, he'd say them 3alatool. maho metnarfez ba2ah.
I don't want my daughters or sons (if I get any ya3ni ensh2allah), to hear keda.


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