Sunday, May 08, 2005

3 hands under 1 handkerchief

I attended a unique Katb Ketab last week, El Ma2zon fe el nos and 3 hands under one handkerchief: a father's hand, a guy's hand and another guy's hand. fazora deh?

Two sisters (Twins), their katb ketab was held at the same minute, so their father and their bridegrooms were sitting on the same table, but of course when they were going to say the words, only two hands were available :)
It was very lovely and unique katb ketab actually, especially that it was my first time to go to "Dar Monasabat El Shorta", in Salah Salem, after I heard a lot about it. It's indeed the best place -as a hall- for katb ketab I've ever visited.
I had a weekend full of katb ketabs and engagements including one of my best friends, this is lovely awi.
yalla, 3o2bal kol el nas ba2ah :)


Anonymous said...

That's funny, me & my twin sister "as kids" wanted to have our wedding together, but when we grew up a bit, decided no, it is more fun to enjoy the other's big day w keda..when she really came to the point, she asked me wether it is ok for me or not to get her wedding party without me??
3o2balek enti kaman ya nona

Eman M said...

wow! you've a twin?
Mash2Allah, this is very lovely mash2allah :)

I like the idea of having the weddings for twins together deh, heya betb2a sa3ba 3liehom sa7e7 in arrangments w keda, bas betb2a nice awi.

Anonymous said...

yep I have a lovely twin sister :0
The idea is good bas the twins themselves miss the pleasure of assisting each other w keda, and it is a hell of work too, u r right :)

Anonymous said...

I don't have an account, sorry, nor do I have a blog, Eman. Thank u for allowing everyone to comment here.
First of all, 3o2bal ur katb kitab insha2Allah. : )
Second,ur post on 'CinemaxCinema' is so true especially the analysis at the beginning on the negative effects on the men and women watching.
However, the effects of ur post just before it which has sayings on marriage are more negative than positive and cause frustration about the idea of marriage. This is just my view. Why focus on the negative aspects of marriage like this? Even if they are funny and/or true? This post has made me so sad and depressed although ur other post about the effect of the movies we watch was so so beautiul and had such an excellent analysis in it.
And I agree with u about Miss 'Egypt'. : ) I felt the same way watching that live show,too.
Thank u.

Eman M said...

I didn't focus about the negative aspects of marriage wala 7aga, I just shared those anti-marriage quotes, but that doesn't mean to be sad or depressed from them. Marriage is like everything we are living, has its bad and its good, and we got to deal with both of them.

Anonymous said...

I think ur post 'Anti-marriage quotes' has more negative effects than positive, and the results on anyone reading them are, honestly:

* Man/Woman not married --> feeling marriage is a prison and nightmare and it's better to just enjoy love story after love story without marriage.
* Man/Woman married ---> Being reminded of all the negative things about marriage and feeling that he/she made a mistake and should've stayed single ---> unhappiness and searching for a love story outside marriage.


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