Saturday, June 04, 2005

Azaker lieh? Hay2ololna el egabat!

Being involved in a project for helping poor kids in studying, made me really sorry for what I heard and knew about our education system.
While finalizing the study and revising for the exams, I found the girls careless and not that concentrating, talking with them leaded me to their words: "Nezaker lieh madam hay2ololna el egaba fe el emte7an"!!
I heard before about this issue, but when the girls themselves described to me what happens, I got really shocked.
The teacher enters the Lagna, tells all the students all the answers publicly, and they write them down in their paper as he said.
A girl told me where she wonders herself: "You know? They do so in Madares el 7koma w el khasa w el azhar kaman", ya3ni in all the school levels in those poor areas!
I like a girl's reply: "But when we are old enough, we will find no one to tell the answers or help us, and we won't succeed by that time, plus this is Ghesh w el ghesh 7aram"

It was hard convincing them by these words, as they got used to getting things easily!
I tried to tell them not to listen to the answers and try to answer the exams by their own. What makes me sad more, that there are really very clever and potential girls, but their abilities are not well used or developed.

يا ألف خسارة .. وا حسرتاه!


Ahmad El-Saeed said...

Ahhh ... Then we shouldn't be shocked when we see that students out from primary & prearatory levels doesn't have the ability to write their named correctly , or even how to think .. you know eman that the highest salary for teacher in the world is in japan ?? and which teacher ??? primary teacher & the salaries get less by the increase in level ... يا خسارة فعلا

Please Eman read the article called الهرم in this blog ..
it's related for this subject too ... 7aye3gebek geddan !!

Unknown said...

دى أول طوبة فاسدة فى المجتمع .. ربنا يخلى الأمهات و الأباء الى بيقولوا لولادهم لو معرفتش حاول تغشها ...
لما كنت بتكلم مع صحابى مرة كانوا مستغربين جدا أننا معندناش غش فى الكلية ... سبحان الله ... كأنه هو ده الطبيعى ...

متفقديش الأمل معاهم ... فى يوم هيتعلموا ... وهيفتكروا ... لو واحدة افتكرت وطلعت مدرسة ممكن تغير ميه ...

shop girl said...

This is really frustrating :s and sadly it looks like it has gone so deep in the system that it's so hard to change it!
but as ahmadtarek said dont lose hope ur work with them is definately not in vain.

Abdelrahman said...

The Egyptian educational system is a complete disaster. It's second to none, in my opinion, of the reasons behind the terrible state of affairs we've come to know. Sadly things aren't any better in State's higher education. The result is 16 or so wasted years, multiplied by our entire population. The outcome is almost nothing. It's a true tragedy.
I really loved Amr Khaled's speech on this subject. You might wanna check it out here.

Dalulla said...
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Dalulla said...

Ya Eman, I also agree with being optimistic and not feeling what u r doing is in vain.. At least between yourself and God, you are not encouraging this mahzala, it is a crime against youngsters, the coming generation. Some one has to start, be happy you might be the first. Our country and Ummah will get better if we do not loose hope, hope can be spread amongst us, even if it starts out on a small scale. DO not give up, Rabena yekremek.

We are all born with knowlege, as we grow up it is either stimulated and worked on, or it is not and therefore, stays dormant and unused. WE must all try to have positive impact and not think: what diference will it make. If we keep our hopes high it will come into effect for sure.

Bloggers, lets spread hope, lets encourage one another to do good, to waken up the good in us and in our society, lets encourage one another to have strong faith in GOD, WE all owe it to Him for his blessings are countless indeed!


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