Monday, June 20, 2005

The Barun palace

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I went to the Barun palace last Saturday with a friend, as it is now open for the public. It was a good chance for taking good photos and enjoying the magic of architecture and the spirit of old days. The greenery and red flowers around the palace gave the whole place a royal touch.
When I was entering the main hall of the palace while crossing the stairs, I felt I am a princess where some doves were flying above me... mmm charming :)

The most dissapointing thing is that there are writings on almost every single wall, with chalk and black and red markers. I can understand that the chalk can be removed, but I can't imagine what can be done with the colored markers. It is really bad! Bad awi!
They just take your ID on the gate, and you take it back when you are leaving.
It was an awesome experience.
More photos.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you ya Emi, it is devastating...Plus ba2a, the palace is completely empty, there is nothing what_so_ever. Even the bathrooms, you can easily find a bath tub inside..bas mafeesh toilet seats...not even a single one..7ata dol "bekh"

Ahmad El-Saeed said...

shawa2teny wallahi ya eman ... awel ma afda min el mashroo3 we at3alem el sowa2a we we at7'arag we a7'alas gesh .. 7aroo7 3ala 6ool !! :P

belmonasba sa7e7 , enty mabetgesh el blog 3andy leeh ? enty za3lana emnny walla 7aga !!

shop girl said...

Hi Eman,
I envy u besara7a! ana ba2aly seneen nefsy aroo7o awy, ana awel mara a3raf eno fata7 7'alas
howa leeh wa2t mo3ayan wala el wa7ed yeroo7 ay wa2t wala eh?
The pics are gr8 bardo, howa el 3eb fe3lan en el 7eetan kolaha maktoob 3aleha we kaman eno fady.
3arfa bara fe europe masalan el amaken ely zay dy beto3od me2at el seneen me7afza 3ala kol ely feeha mesh 3ala shaklaha keda bas.
Anyway kowayes enohom ebtado yahtamo beeh ya3ny.

Eman M said...

Shop girl, you can go from 8 am to 5 pm, anyday, preferably Saturdays :)
Yes:( Mawdo3 eno fadi w el ketaba 3ala el 7etan we7sh awi

Unknown said...

Great photos... It the first time for me to see these number of photos for the Palace...

Anonymous said...

hi there eman

please o want to see the photo's i really feel connected with this place it should be renewed and opened for public as piece of art


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