Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I am wearing Black

I am wearing Black today.
I left home early at morning; 7 am, so I saw few people in the streets. I noticed a lot of "Amn Markazi" trucks passing in the streets. I really wished I could stare at every one in those trucks, plus every Officer I passed by to show him my blackness, to show him my rage towards them.

I am waiting to see the effect of today; if the people will unify and wear black?
I know it is a simple action, and I know it may not make any effect, but its real effect is Are we, people of this nation, positive or negative? Ready to do such a simple thing or not?
We will see, will be waiting to read the experience of other bloggers.


R said...

I will... but it will go unnoticed in this city where I am

Eman M said...

Rami, you will be unnoticed in that city, but you will be noticed to yourself :)
I believe that this matters bardo.

Anonymous said...

I am in black too...can't wait to know what will happen.

Abdelrahman said...

I think we sent a resounding message to the entire world, and our voice has certainly been heard, and our determinition noted. They will think a thousand times before ever trying anything like this again.

I'm waiting for photo coverages to surface :)

voicy said...

we were a group of a few people, together we made one of the first movements ( that later on resulted in Kefaya and others..yes we can change the system and get rid of the weeds.
All it requires is smart, twisted and complicated planning, just as they planned against our freedom, it wasn't that straight forward otherwise people wouldn't have bought it. Getting freedom back won't be in a simple separated trivial means or efforts, we have to gather, unite and infect their corrupted system till they become the strangers and we the owners..

Anonymous said...

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