Monday, June 27, 2005

Automech 2005 - Cars Prices are unimaginable

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I went yesterday to AutoMech on its last day, eih el as3ar deh!
Some examples:
Mini Cooper - BMW = 350,000 (Marvelous car frankly)
Golf - Volkes = 180,000
Polo - Volkes = 100,000 (Polo! which was 65 around two years ago)
Clio - Renault = 95,000 (Clio was in its 60's two years ago as well)
Matrix - Hyundai = 79,000 (which was 75 six months ago)
There was a one BMW with 1 Million and 700 LE, well; it wasn't that cool aslan :)

The cheapest cars were:
Verna - Hyundai = 65,000
Getz - Hyundai = 68,000
Shahin = 68,000 (7atta deh ghalya keda!)
Logan - Dacia = 60,000 (Latest news is that Renault bought Dacia)
The cheapest was QQ - Cherri = 49,000

- Some brands were not in the exhibition like Kia, Mitsubishi, Fiat and Opel
- The most chic hall was for BMW, el 3ali 3ali bardo, quality mesh ay kalam :)
- The most creative hall idea was for Hyundai, they made the hall as a football playground.
- The most colorful hall was for Cherri, with the pinkish yellowish mauvish colors of QQ
- The most attractive girls show was for Renault, needless to say that all the brands were competing to show the most gorgeous girls with the "minimum" clothes. I really wonder, does this way really help in making "men" buy cars from them? Is it really profitable? I wish I can know the opinion of both a girl from them and a man who is buying.

I like the innovations of the brands' motto like:
Engineered to be enjoyed (Can't remember belong to which brand)
The mini doesn't need a visual (Mini Cooper of BMW)

The world of cars is fascinating, howa bas lw terkhas shweya! keteeeer mesh shweya!


Anonymous said...

I am fascinated with the Mini Cooper bardo :)

Anonymous said...

وايه رايك فى العربيات الكارو .. حلوة ورخيصه وبنت ناس .. وفيه برضه مينى كارو.. bardo

Milad said...
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Anonymous said...

واضح ان أسعار العربيات اللي تحت 1600 سي سي نفس أسعارها في كندا..أما العربيات فوق الفئة اللترية فسعرها نار في مصر


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