Saturday, February 02, 2008

When dreams become reality

From 2000 till 2007, she was always saying:

- I won't have a wedding party
- If I had a party, it will be a limited open one; in a terrace or a garden.
- If I had a party, I don't want to wear a white dress
- If I had a party, I won't make a zaffa
- If I had a party, there will be no dancing.

On 2008 - A night was her wedding and:

- She had a party in a closed hall in a famous hotel.
- She wore a white dress.
- She had a loud zaffa
- And everybody danced...


Anonymous said...

When I first read this I was like: "mmmmm.... what did Eman mean by this post? Is it that what we dream change with the passage of time.. in other words we change (and consequently, our dreams do), or is it that not everything we dream of comes true the way we want it? Mesh 3arfa! I think I'll go for the first option because, perspnally, I believe that we should fight to have our dreams coming true as we want them with no destortion. We can accept compromises and sacrfice in certain areas but not to the extent of completely changing the features of the dream that we cannot recognize it of our own any more!

Thanks for the food for thought :)

Eman M said...

umm .. actually I meant the second option :)

Deeeeeee said...

If the wedding wasn't dated 2008, I would've thought you were talking about my own sister! :)

Eman M said...

Acttually, this situation happens with a lot of girls nowadays

david santos said...

Congratulations Egypt!!!!!!!!!!

R.G. said...

احيانا ياخذنا حلم ان نكون مختلفين اومميزين بعيدا عن حاجاتنا ان نكون احيانا شخص عادي بسيط، واحد من الناس

Unknown said...

dreaming usually happens in the dream world but when this dreams go down to the land of reality lots and lots changes, sometimes you loose the picture you had for your dream.

Diyaa' said...

thank god..u got the wedding :)) who cares abt the simple details anyway ..its u & u didnt fight enough to get them so gratz


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