Wednesday, May 24, 2006

V for Vendetta - رسالة إلى المصريين

"People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people. -V

مش المفروض إن الشعوب تخاف من حكوماتها، الحكومات هية اللى مفروض تخاف من شعوبها.
كل مشهد من مشاهد الفيلم فيه كلام تحسه موجَه للمصريين جداً و بيعبر عن حالهم و حال حياتهم.
الشعب اللى فى الفيلم صحى على الآخر، يا ترى شعبنا هيصحى امتى؟


abderrahman said...

لما ينوي..
ولما يقتنع البعض إن الشعب نفسه محتاج تغيير
وإن المسالة مش مسألة تغيير حكام فقط .
وإن السلبيات الموجودة في البلد الجميع مشارك فيها.

Zeinobia said...

Eman if you remember in the beginning of the movie Natellie portman said Ideas live and the man dies yet Now I need the man
already the people in the movie were like us ,just watching and complainning
they need some one to break the wall of fear
don't forget the point of erruption of the people bega when the little girl
I don't know what will be ours ?

Anonymous said...

V for Vendetta
A for Anarchy

Alan Moore’s classic graphic novel, V for Vendetta, is the story of an anarchist who dismantles a fascist state through propaganda of the deed, inspiring the masses to revolt with a vision of building an anarchist future.

The book’s protagonist does not simply promote vague anti-authoritarianism or nondescript appeals to “question authority” but explicitly and compellingly calls for the masses to eliminate the state and replace it with anarchy.

Unsurprisingly, this radical message has been lost in the translation to Hollywood’s watered-down film version. Warner Bros. presents a hero rebelling against fascism and advocating “freedom”, yet never suggests that until the state is destroyed, no one will truly be free.

Alan Moore has described the script of the film as “rubbish” and had demanded that his name be removed from it.

Time and again, anarchists have seen our message distorted, our comrades martyred, and our stories erased by the corporate and governmental
servants of the ruling class. We cannot allow this to happen again!

If you want to know more, check out the following portals:

Get into contact with anarchists in the middle east:

What they say about the film:
"One of the things I objected to in the recent film ... recasting it as current American neo-conservatism vs. current American liberalism. There wasn't a mention of anarchy as far as I could see." - Alan Moore (writer of the original V for Vendetta)

“The capitalists not only rule by carrot and gun but by making popular forms carry imperialist messages.”
- Amiri Baraka

Ahmed Fathy said...

I liked this quote:
"Ideas Are Bulletproof."

Anonymous said...

الحكومة فعلا خايفة و الدليل هو التعتيم على الأخبار و كذب المسؤولين و تقطيع أوصال المجتمع و البطش في الشارع.

zemos said...

هما كانوا طابخبن و مطمئنين
بس الطبخه باظت و اتحرقت .. و هما
خايفين حتى يفتحوا باب المطبخ من رعبهم من اللي وراه
حمد الله على سلامتك يا إيمان
فينك من زماااان

Anonymous said...

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el_assel said...

البلوج بتاعك بجد جامد وعلي فكرة انا طالب في كلية الطب في اسكندرية واللي انت قولتيه شوية علي اللي بيحصل

محمد أبو زيد said...

ياخوفي أحسن يصادروا الفيلم


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