Sunday, August 14, 2005

Google's definition of Failure

- Open Google
- Search for "Failure"
- Click "I am feeling lucky" or open the search results
- Check the first match

truth is always there but when it is admitted by Google, it becomes a fact!


doshar said...

cute ya eman. and so true.

Anonymous said...

Not only cute; that's intentional as the letters "fail" do not appear anywhere in the page's source which means that this is manually enforced by google a staff!

ألِف said...

Have you noticed that Michael Moore comes second?!

Eman M said...

hmmm, Michael moore is the second yet!
The same issue, I didn't find the word "Failure" in the source code of the HTML page.

sydalany-وش مكرمش said...

يا دماغك
لقيتيها إزاي دي

Twosret said...

Google had a funny one Eman about WMD if you do a search on google at the time they announced that there were no WMD it will bring up the result as NOT FOUND that was cool too.

First time on your blog and enjoying myself :)

Eman M said...

Welcome welcome in my blog :)

I didn't know what WMD is, until I googled it, "Weapons of mass destruction"
"Not Found" as a search result should have been very cool indeed!
Now it displays normal search results.

Nour said...


So funny ya Eman dol 3alehom showayet 7agat !!

Josef Assad said...

That's called a Google Bomb.

Clicky clicky.

Cairo Cafe said...


Dak-Ind said...

i saw this the other day, sadly i think its true!


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