Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Politics in the exams

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I received this photo yesterday, I don’t know if it is true or not, but it is indeed a good example of how they raise up the kids in school! Hypocrisy!
Why do the ones who put this exam relate between the exams and the politics? Is it “Orders”? or is it the way they see they have to raise up the personalities of the students?!

A similar incident I experienced recently, my sister (Thanweya Amma), in the night of the Arabic exam, her teacher gave her a written article about Mubark and his super achievements. He told her that it may come in the exam for the composition, so she has to study it very well.
She asked me if I can summarize it so she can get the basic points.
I started reading and I felt “daghti bey3la”, just 6 lines and I couldn’t complete.
Unbelievable words with a lot of Nefaq men el noo3 el sheded awi awi awi. I was extremely furious and told her: sorry, I won’t be able to help in this.
She commented that the teacher himself told her that he wrote those words by force, but ma belyad 7ela. 3agabi!

P.S: I found this about the same issue.
And read this


Anonymous said...

This is normal.
3ala eiamna galna etkalem 3an toshka "the vaporware thing".
bas bgad i don't understand, Do they believe the words they wrote ?

Eman M said...

Koloh kalam x kalam
w nefaq x nefaq

Bdal ma netall3 shabab beyfham ba2ah w sha7'seyat, yetala3ohm negative w mashieen m3 el tayyar w khalas.

Unknown said...

Did they declare a prize for students who give there voice to Mobaruk???!! :P

:-S :-S

Ahmad El-Saeed said...

enta bet2ol feha .. da shaklo elly na2es fe3lan !!


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