Thursday, June 23, 2005

مصر مش كده

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بعد ما قرأت اللى وصفته لستُ أدرى و اللى قالته غادة
ما بقتش محتاجة أشوف الإعلان، شفته خلاص من خلال كلامهم و انفعالاتهم
طب فضايح جوة البلد وعندنا أمل الحال يتعدل
إنما إعلان لكل البلاد كدة !! إن هية دى مصر؟ إن هية دى نشاطاتها!
خلاص مصر بقت رمزها البكينى و الرقص الشرقى
إعلانات إزازة فانتا الجديدة مالية كل الشوارع
بقت هية دى وسيلة الإعلان اللى بتجذب وبتجيب ربح!
بقت هية دى مصر!
لأ .. مصر مش كده .. أنا
متضامنة معاكى يا غادة

ما أظنش الصحفيين هيسيبوا وزير السياحة فى حاله على الموضوع دة
كل الناس بيتكلموا عليه!
وزير السياحة و وزير الداخلية .. و البقية تأتى


ofnowhere said...

We (by we here I mean Egyptians who are against this campaign) all know that this is not Egypt, but what have we done about it???
Nothing, since the Lebanon war Egypt started to be the target for sexually deprived arabs to use it this way, simply take a look at mohandesin and haram during summer and you'll know.
Most of the cab drivers in these areas know this quiet well and know how to profit from this.
It's those same arabs that have this idea about Egypt from the movies exported to them, which makes them think that every woman here is a nadia el gendy and lately ruby walking with a dancing suite in the streets.
Even for non arabs, various places in Egypt were promoted for other activities that we might not approve of, I still remember once long ago in 3asala,Dahab where drugs were allowed for foreigners and the place was under-groundedly promoted as the second drugs paradise.
So why shouldn't the tourist authority use this as long as egyptians did nothing against it.
I ask those who say "this is not Egypt", have you tried asking any non-egyptian to tell you the names of five egyptian figures, of course singers, artists would jump to the top of the list, but cultural or respected figures??? I doubt...
So what have we done concerning this?
Shouldn't we start moving to promote ourselves otherwise, creating repectful figures among us that should be known.
Work on it we ba3deen netkalem....

Anonymous said...

مصر طول عمرها كده .. ثم الرقص موجود فى كل بلاد العالم واللا انتوا تحبزا تتفرجوا على الكليبات والغنا والرقص والاعلانات الاجنبية والاميريكيه لكن لما تبقى فى مصر تزعلوا .. كأن مصر هى البلد الوحيدة فى العالم اللى فيها رقص انا ملاحظ حاجة كمان يمكن اكون غلطان فيها .. اغلب اللى بيهاجموا الاعلان ده بنات وستات .. مش احتمال يكون فيه شوية غيرة - لامؤاخذة يعنى ..؟


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